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The JPX is the Better Choice

The JPX represents a significant departure from conventional irritant canister designs.  Most pepper sprays that come from a can are susceptible to heat and cold limitations and typically must be shaken before use.  These few seconds could mean a lot in a tense situation.  Even more important, the canisters can have issues in a windy situation.  If the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, using a canister could cause you more harm then good.  These are issues that makes the JPX a much better choice.
Is the JPX considered a Firearm?

Opinion from the ATF

„The Piexon Jet Protector does not constitute a "firearm" as defined in the Gun Control Act or a "firearm" or "any other weapon" as defined in the National Firearms Act. Also, the magazines designed for this device do not constitute "ammunition" as defined in the Gun Control Act.“

The JPX is Modeled after a Pistol

Modeled after a pistol, it fires farther with more precision than ordinary pepper spray.  The pattern is subject-specific with a 14 inch spread at 16.50 Feet!  The JPX does not rely on electronics or battery power and is virtually impervious to environmental conditions. 

The JPX is considered a high performance irritant agent spraying device, even thought the "spray" gets to it's target at 405 MPH!  Instead of incorporating a canister for permanent pressure storage, we are using a blank cartridge to create the necessary pressure level to deliver the OC spray.  The advantages of this patented delivery system are numerous:

1.  No Loss of Pressure.  Most canned sprays will lose pressure over time that will effect the reliability in time of need.
2.  Higher velocity to the target:  Most canned sprays are limited by their internal pressure to how far they will spray and at what velocity. 
3.  Superior accuracy and no risk of deflection through a sidewind.

Additionally, our products perform homogenously over a wide temperature band.  The very fast jet in conjunction with the strongest Capsaicin formulation on the market makes the Piexon products the most effective chemical less-lethal weapons available today!
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